Coming up on the 10 year anniversary of the release of the Master Shaper Series I DVD!



-For international orders....
National Television Formats: The United States uses the national television format of NTSC. Most European countries do not use NTSC opting for PAL instead. If you do not live in the United States and are unaware of your nation's television format please contact us for more information. Currently, we only offer disks in the NTSC format. DVD players available on the European market have been very good about offering multiple format playback options. So, there is a good chance of viewing a NTSC formatted disk in a PAL or SECAM country. Again, it is up to the customer to consult their DVD playback device user manual to check for compatibility. Please contact us if you have any further questions regarding this or any other DVD format or playback issue.

Can I not buy all 3 Master Series at once?
Yes, you can buy all 3 at once and at a discounted price. To do so go to the order form for any of the 3 projects and look at the second purchase option. It is for the entire set.

What is "PayPal"? Why should I use it? Why do you use it? Is it safe?
PayPal is the middleman handling our credit card transactions. Yes, the most effective and quickest way for you to receive your order is to order via PayPal with your credit card. We use PayPal to handle our credit card transactions because it allows us to take orders from other countries without conversion fees or hassles, thereby keeping ours and your cost down. Despite PayPals immediate appearance as an unnecessary aggravation, it has turned out to be convenient for our customers as far as we know. We have received no complaints and are ourselves pleased with their performance. As far as safety is concerned we can only comment from our experience which stamps PayPal as indeed safe and effective, again no customer complaints or concerns have been brought to our attention. To read more about PayPal and their policies check out www.PayPal.com.

Is there another way to pay other than through PayPal?
Yes, you can print out an order form and mail it in with a check or money order (if you mail a check we have to wait for it to clear before shipping). You can find our mailing address by clicking "contact" on the top menu bar (the address is also located on the order form itself). The form in question is located by clicking the link at the bottom of the online purchase section of each project.

How long does it take to get my order once I place it?
Once we receive your order it is processed immediately and shipped out the next day. The exceptions are on Friday and Saturday, orders received on these days will be shipped the following Monday. Be sure to check the news section if your order is time sensitive, to make sure we are in town and able to process your order.

Can I pick up your videos locally over the counter?
If not now then hopefully soon. We have just started our shift into the retail world. Spread the word and hopefully we can get these things distributed to a location near you.

Why don't you have these projects on VHS?
There are 2 major reasons. The first is that there is not much interest in the VHS version so it doesn't warrant the cost of keeping them in stock. Second and more importantly, DVD is a vastly superior format especially for the presentation of instructional videos. Instant replay, chapter functions and clear non-destructive video/audio playback are great advantages in this medium.

Are you guys involved in any science fiction spoof films?
No. We are aware that there is another production company making a sci-fi spoof. We are in no way affiliated or involved with that production.

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