Coming up on the 10 year anniversary of the release of the Master Shaper Series I DVD!




The Master Glasser Series is the second addition to the Master Series on surfboard design, construction and theory. In doing research while prepping for this video we again consulted many of the popular online surf forums for common questions and problems faced while glassing a shaped blank. In addition to these sources we had received a great deal of questions mailed directly to us after the release of the Master Shaper Series. These are the questions and problems we had in mind to address while producing this video. After a couple of viewings and some time to let it all sink in, you should have a pretty good idea of how to pull off your glass job. Not only should it be functional, but hopefully after viewing this video you'll be able to get your board to look good too. Brucker shows you how glassing is done from start to finish, and a few different styles as well. Some to get you new glassers off and running and others for you seasoned guys looking to raise production. Lots of "old" style techniques and tricks are covered, lessons that took Brucker 40+ years of being in the industry to come by. If you are interested in finishing off your freshly shaped blank yourself and aren't sure how to get it done, The Master Glasser Series will certainly shine some light on the subject.


Here is a summary of what you can expect to learn ..

- Tools, materials and safety
- Both modern and classic style glassing
- Freelaps and cutlaps
- Deck patches
- Deck inlays (cloth, resin)
- Resin panels
- Resin Abstracts ("acid splash", "ice cream swirl")
- Hotcoating
- Finbox installation
- Sanding
-"Artwork" (resin manipulation, acrylic abstracts)
- Foam sprays
-"Speed" sprays
- Resin tints
- Pinlines (resin, acrylic,ink)
- Glossing
- Polishing


Master Shaper Go check out the MSS


Master Shaper II Go check out the MSSII


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Master Glasser Series DVD
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-This video is fantastic. Roger Brucker lets you in on his secrets and shows you the mastery of the craft. This is by no means just on the basics, but covers everything anyone doing boards as a hobby could hope for.

-I've been through my copy 2x now, in some places more. Lots of good info and technique in this latest addition to the Damascus lost art series. This is top notch stuff that Damascus is putting out there. Great input from guys that have spent decades perfecting their craft. If you think you can't afford this information as a budding board builder then I would challenge you to try to put down a tapeline for your first resin pinline (much less a back to back two color) and see how much sandpaper, tape and pigment it would take to get it right.

-Great stuff guys, been through the DVD a few times now. Pick up something new on each pass. Thanks for taking the mystery out of glassing its been a real help.

-Top notch. Keep it up.

-Got my copy of the Master Glasser on Friday and I've been through it once since then. Without a doubt if you are interested in making surfboards, both modern and classics you NEED this program. Roger Brucker shares his lifelong experience and tips handling the squeegee, sander and tape roll. He gives a very concise walk through on doing basic laminations (Silane and Volan), the elusive rail lap with variations on wetting laps, free lap, cut lap and all of those in between steps that other videos seem to "miss". You want to know about hotcoating? it's all here, he even repeats it for you in case you missed it the first time. Sanding is covered very well as is a detailed section on how to tape off for each step of the board building process. There is an incredible amount of information on this program including lamination, hotcoat, sanding, taping, retro techniques including swirls, splashes, resin pinlines, resin panels (with some very unique twists), inkline detailing, finbox installation, cloth inlays, glossing and polishing.

-Fluff free glassing instruction... PRICELESS!

-I am a newbee, just shaped my first blank had no where to turn. Thanks a lot my new home built board rides GREAT!!

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