Coming up on the 10 year anniversary of the release of the Master Shaper Series I DVD!




The Damascus Production Group introduces the first in its "Master Series". This project developed as aspiring shapers and backyard foam scrubbers had a desire to build longer more traditional classic surfboards. The "101" series opened the door for many who had a desire to learn how a modern surfboard is built. The Master Shaper Series takes the concept further and much deeper into the craft, focusing on the lost art techniques used in the '60's and '70's style boards that are today some of the most sought after collectibles.

The topics, layout and production of this video project were carefully considered. Using feedback from many of the Internet's most popular surfboard design forums and discussion boards, this program is designed for both the beginner and more advanced builder.

Jim Phillips has been involved with many notable labels and projects. Today his name is synonymous with high quality shaping with an emphasis on intricate foam and wood blank designs.

This is an unprecedented glimpse over the shoulder of one of surfing's true craftsmen. Other surfboard shaping films include 20 minutes of actual instruction within a film meant primarily for entertainment. In contrast, the Master Shaper Series is an in-depth look into shaping education, filling 2 hours with detailed, informative and applicable instruction.

  • Tools/safety
  • Design theory
  • Layout
  • Shaping
  • Finishing


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    Master Shaper Series DVD
    Number of Disks: 1
    Runtime: Approx 2 hrs
    Format: NTSC
    Regions: non-region specific
    Price: $59.95 USD
    Notes: Was $69.95...
    Purchase the entire Master Series Set
    Number of Disks: 3
    Runtime: Approx 6 hrs total
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    -Cue up this impressive, highly-detailed, no bells or whistles look at the craft of shaping custom surfboards. Jim "the genius" Phillips guides you through the tools, secrets, standard practices, and basic methodology of the shapers craft. The producers couldn't have picked a more apt instructor. Jim's direct delivery and obvious well of knowledge shines through; the effect is like having a 75,000-board guru take you in as a promising apprentice. -The Surfers Journal-

    -Got the video today. Good stuff, great tools. Thanks for putting it out there for us.

    -The tape is so detailed that when you first see it you tend to get intimidated by all of the info presented....you cannot get it on one play.That is where the rewind button becomes a tool in itself.

    -I've gone through my VHS copy for the third time. Each and every time there is another nugget of useful info that I missed the first time. I really can't say enough about what a great teaching tool the Damascus Master Shaper Series has been. Jim is not only a very fine craftsman, he is an outstanding teacher. His methods and dialogue are in perfect sync throughout this instructional shaping video.

    -thank you jim. the video is def. a prize piece. thanks for sharing your knowledge.

    -I received my copy of the Jim Phillips Shaping Video today and just finished my first viewing. This is not an average How-to tape, its a very serious work from a remarkable journeyman. Its focus is on the craft and its value is only exceeded by owning a Jim Phillips board... and I own a few.

    -There's a pretty important lesson in the Phillip's Video, which will likely turn out in the end to be an extremely important lesson, at least for me and that's in the way the construction of a board is approached. I basically copied my approach to building a board from someone who had been shown by someone else out in CA. It seemed logical, each step to be done in sequence and brought to completion straighten out blank, cut and finish template, do and finish bottom, do and finish deck, do and finish rails, then do finish sanding. Its probably a good way to learn, the only problem is that my boards kind of look like I followed a rigid sequence, that is ... they're a sum of parts, but not really a whole. My boards seem to surf fine, and I'm not sure you average weekend surfer would really be able to pick up on such subtleties, or at least given what I'm charging for the boards they're not likely to really care (basically costs, including McDonalds wages for hours spend, facility costs and a little little profit)... but I see the problem, especially now after having made a few boards. When I hit 12 boards, or when I seem to be making a little progress in the craftsmanship side of things, I began to sense the slight disconnect between deck bottom, rails etc. So I started to cheat a little and moved around a bit, deck, bottom rails, back to the bottom. Maybe I would have hit upon a good approach, after a (thousand boards but that's a maybe. Jim's approach is far more natural and balanced, at least I see it that way. You may be able to analyze a surfboard in terms of this section or that, but in the end it is a bended whole and ... Phillip's surfboards are more than the sum of their parts. If you haven't ordered the video, I recommend you do. It will be the best 59 bucks you will ever spend. The tool tips alone are worth the cost. I can't wait for the glassing video. I can't wait to shape my next blank - in my gut, I know my shapes are about to take a quantum leap...

    -I ordered my copy today and can't wait to see it. I already own shaping 101, glassing 101, airbrushing 101, and Carve it up. From what i'm hearing this is going to be a lot better then the other tapes out there. I'm stoke and can't wait. Later

    -If you can't get a shaper to teach you I'll suggest you to buy the Masters Shaper Series video... in it Jim (the Genius) Phillips will teach you all the basic and advanced concepts and techniques of the surfboard shaping art, also some amazing tools for shaping... this video is a masterpiece!

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